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It seems like everything today is engineered to be of some protection to the environment and the people in our lives both professionally and personally are expecting us to keep up. The problem is often not that we don't want to or that we don't care, but in fact that we become overwhelmed at the massive amounts of information being thrown in our direction and can find it very confusing attempting to figure out which methods are best, or in fact even how to begin becoming a more environmentally conscious builder.
Being associated with caring for the planet is not a new trend, but it is one that is gaining in popularity at an exponential rate. Whereas ten years ago consumers were pleased to build in such a way that would be helpful to the planet but also just as content without it, today's consumers are demanding products which are not only friendly to the earth, but which are utilized in such a way as to promote and re-enforce sustainable building design.
Getting a Green Education
With all the confusion surrounding the environmental movement, it is important to not only get all the facts, but to have them presented in such a way that they are easily understood and incorporated into already existing practices. The Canada Green Building Council encourages their members to pursue and achieve this goal though LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Professional credentials.
Becoming a LEED accredited professional ensures that you and your colleagues have the knowledge and access to information that you need to contribute to the successful applications of your companies projects for LEED certification. By signing up for a membership with the CaGBC you will have exclusive access to discounts on a variety of workshops to both help you earn and maintain your credentials. This will ensure that you are well prepared to support your company's green building projects through all the stages of development. It will also allow you the ability to network with other like-minded individuals which will in turn create new idea for protecting the environment while possibly allowing you to create partnerships which will reduce operating costs.
What are Green Buildings?
Green buildings are constructed using environmentally sound techniques. Many people mistakenly associate the term "environmentally” with the word "expensive”, but this is not the case. For example, utilizing recycled materials for example cuts out part of the cost of production of new supplies while at the same time ensuring that items such as boards, plastics, and metals bars/railings are re-purposed rather than simply being tossed into a landfill. LEED certified buildings also average high annual savings in water, energy and other areas of traditional consumption.
We owe it to the planet and to ourselves to ourselves to provide a cleaner, healthier future. Consider a membership with CaGBC today and become a part of the future solution!
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